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Does adding a discount to a sale to adjust the price mess up your accounting?
I ended up creating:Grocery no tax$1.00$1.05$1.10$1.15All the way up to $100It’s ridiculous! And the service from Shopify is useless. They don’t care.
unfortunately square and Shopify don't really like eachother and we've already purchased the card reader etc through Shopify. 
this is not a realistic option. one it shows the customer that you've given them a "discount" when you haven't and it isn't feasible when you have multiple items to check out and you have a line up of people waiting to be rung in.
Hi Clare! Does mobi integrate well with your inventory through Shopify? Thank you!
did you ever find a solution? I am in the same situation. just migrated all our products over to Shopify and paid someone way to much money to set up the framework for a new website only to discover that a basic feature isn't usable on their POS.
basically any other POS has this feature. it's inconceivable that a company like Shopify hasn't figured out a solution to this, especially for the cost they charge for their "Pro" option. 
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