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Hi Guys, This is just a general feedback post, I wanted to see if others also have this issue. Recently the order fulfilment screen received an update (a lot of UI updates lately), one which seems ...
Looks like there have been some changes to how Shopify accounts work, I've seen a few things moving around over the last few months and I'm sure this is all a part of some grand plan that is supposed...
Our store has a lot of gear that becomes outdated after a year or two, while I don't mind some product being left up we've now got many years worth of gear there that clogs up some collections and ca...
Hi guys, Trying to get certain scripts on my site to load asynchronously to hopefully improve page load times. A couple of scripts in the theme are being generated like this: {{ 'example.js...
Hi all, I'm a little (well and truly) out of my depth here, so hopefully this makes sense. I'm trying to avoid duplicate meta-description on my Shopify site. My idea was the use the ...
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Still having issues with this lack of functionality.  Would love to see some improvement here, seems like quite a small change could be made as this is a huge QOL feature for many of us.
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