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Bio: A full stack web developer fully focused on Shopify development. I'm Hovhannes Sargsyan (aka sarhov), a full stack web developer and designer from Y...

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@Ron77  yes it is possible, but it requires a bit more coding, because on product pages we have to make changes in JS file too, so when the variant is being changed we can updated inventory quantity. I don't thing it is possible to provide it without...
1. Click on Actions  > Edit Code 2. Find/Search file timber.scss.liquid and product-grid-item.liquid fileIn product-grid-item.liquid file at line 28 put the following code.       {% if product.first_available_variant.inventory_quantity > 0 %}       <...
@CSCOTT23  Click on Actions > Edit Code.Find/Search for theme.scss.liquid file.Scroll at the very bottom of this file and put the following code .top-bar__search{ display: none !important; }
@OLIVERD  For this you need custom coding to be made in your theme.I have implemented something similar for this site. is about 1 hour work for an experienced developer.
@diseno  You're welcome, check it, if it works, please mark my answer as a solution.
@diseno  The code I have provided doesn't cause that issue, remove your edits and use mine.
@diseno  sarhov is here... Open theme.js file,There find this part of code. /* * Init slick slider * - Add any additional option changes here * - */ settings.$element.slick({...
@emilianogr  You need the following code.<div class="free-shipping"> <img src="" alt="" class="free-shipping__img...
@emilianogr  Which theme you are using ?
@cmtgolf05  Discount object is only accessable in notifications  or in Order Print app>>The discount object contains information about a discount, including its id, code, amount, savings, and type. Note that this object will display a value only if i...
@Emrahgnl  There is need to add slideshow script and implement it for product page, it is not something simple that can be shared via this format. 
@Emrahgnl  Venture theme doesn't support modal slideshow for images, it loads only one image in modal.You need custom edits in your theme to add this functionality.
@myrdipiombo  Which theme you are using ?
You're mostly welcome.
But debut theme has an option for quantity selector.Go into customize theme, then enter into some product page, or click on top dropdown and navigate to product page.Now when you are in customize mode and you are in product page, on left side you hav...
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