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I'm looking for a way to see when a product was launched. We deal in single item sales and are trying to figure out how long items which haven't sold yet have been on sale. The home page on Shopify s...
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£4.16 is £4.99 minus VAT, if you go to Settings/Taxes and duties/General Settings you should see a tick next to "Include sales tax in product price and shipping rate" which will be why it's calculating tax for the shipping as well as the product. The...
Same here for one of our users, but not the others. Only difference being the one with the issues was using Chrome, the rest of us are using Opera.
Tht's not the same web address as the one in your original post, there is a j missing after the nn
@AdiSalkic  Thanks, it's a pain of a way to have to do it, but works through bulk
I can export each product, add the stock to the spreadsheet manually and re-import but that's not practical for the amount I have to edit so only useful if your adding a handful of items.
@SBWMSU Availability filter is still there it's just been "hidden" away out of sight. Click the search and filter button near the top right (or press F) and click add Filter.
So put in the description 1 case = 12 pcs and price by case eg. 1 case = £100, 2 cases = £180Then on the next one put 1 case = 20 pcs and price as needed, 1 case = £150, 2 cases = £280 I don't see the need to have it display the quantities in the dro...
Depends how many products you have, if it's not a lot you can use the bulk editor in Shopify to go through them 50 at a time, fix the title then save.If it's too many for that you can download a product export and do a find and replace in Excel to fi...
We use the Inventory reports to check stock levels against our warehouse system reports and have noticed this month that stock from July gets disappearing from the reports and the Inventory page. Changing the quantity to 0 saving then setting back to...
Yes it does I use it 5 days a week, many times
Depends how you have the meals setup but it should be as easy as clicking Analytics/Reports/Sale by Product and setting the dates you want to see sales for.
We use Shopify's Fraud Filter app to block IP's, addresses and names. Works farely well :-
Read this:- Prepare your images  Your images must be on an existing website or you can upload them manually (not convient for alot of images/products).
No but it is how to export your products so they open in excel.
Go into your Shopify Admin and click on Products, sort and filter until you have the products you want and click Export at the top right and choose either Selected Products or Products that match your search (whichever is appropriate) and click Expor...
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