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I'll cut to the chase. I think Facebook advertising is over priced. I also think their reporting of ad. statistics is, to put it mildly, highly flawed. We actually did our own Birthday Targeting a...
All of our jewellery products are drop shipped and take 15 - 30 days to reach their buyer. We've given the entire product range free standard shipping but on each product we've put a notice "IMPORTAN...
Is it possible to instruct Ali Express not to include any pricing paperwork with each item sold and dropshipped?
I'm NOT looking for a lot of money, asset value with no blue sky for potential would be great! Tee shirts, mugs (which are awesome, BTW, about 40 different and completely original funny and cute anim...
I'm very new to this...I'm trying to remove some link text from underneath the "Products" title on my Shopify page. If you go to I need to remove the "CUT...
I love the way the Brooklyn theme displays large and small "thumbnails" in its product lists. Not so keen on the huge slide show picture size. Is there a way to reduce the width and height of the Her...
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