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Not sure what you're asking here, could you please be more specific and/or provide your store URL?
Please provide the website URL and password if necessary. Please also provide a direct URL to this product or one like this; multiple images, one tied to each variant. If you want this to apply to ALL products... it may work to add this CSS. Navigate...
Navigate to Online Store > Themes > [...] > Edit Code. Find the theme.css file in the Assets folder. Scroll all the way to the bottom/end of all the CSS code and make a new line. Add the following: .powered_by_rivo { display: none !important; opa...
Yes! Please add the following below where you added the other CSS:.product-popup-modal__opener { display: inline-block; text-align: center; margin-top: 2rem !important; } .quantity { width: calc(100% / var(--font-body-scale) + var(--i...
I'm not sure what you mean.  
You may want to try the "Post-Purchase Thank You" automation template as a starting point. It's "Order Created" > "Wait X Days" ... etc. Navigate to Marketing > Automations > "Post-Purchase Thank You". Hope this helps!
You may be able to achieve this with metafields, but you can also follow a very similar method to what I described. You'll find the section similar to image-with-text (highlight?) in TopBike theme (it seems like it exists in the demo), duplicate it a...
You'll go to Products and then click the "Arrow Up / Arrow Down" symbol on the right. Sort by "Created". Is that what you're looking for?
Hi! You can change the height of slider to "Small" and see if that gets you the desired effect. Otherwise, I recommend reworking/resizing your actual image using the current slider dimensions as reference and leaving it set to "Adapt to first image"....
You may want to consider using a loyalty/rewards app to achieve this. Alternatively, you can use a private landing page (only those with a link can access it) that hosts a signup form with a hidden input that tags the customer with a specific tag (ex...
You can sort products by Oldest or by Newest on the Collection page itself. If you want to change all collection sorts at once you can select all and then click Bulk Edit. Choose the option "Sort By" and change all of them at once. The "Filters" on t...
This will take some knowledge of the repository. Could you please share the URL for your store/webpage? I recommend starting with just one product. Generally, navigate to Online Store > Themes > "..." > Edit Code. find the section file titled "image-...
Navigate to Online Store > Themes > "..." Edit Code. Find the base.css file in the Assets folder. Scroll to the bottom where there is no more code and make a new line break.Add the following:   variant-selects { display: flex !important; } .prod...
Great! I hope it works with just checking off the option :P. I wanted to be sure I provide all the information for each case. If you'd like to discuss this more, don't hesitate to send me a PM.
Hi, could you please explain an issues you encountered? Please remember to revert changes first before moving on. Let's try again and start with JUST the featured product on the homepage... Navigate to Online Store > Themes > "..." > Edit Code. Open ...
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