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This seems so basic, that I cannot find a solution anywhere! i despise the fact that when I hit the customer email on my iPhone, when using the Shopify app … it asks to reinstall the Apple mail app....
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Fantastic. Not hard to do. But yes… they should just make it an option. 
Right. Basic rule of web design. Don’t make the user work so hard. They shouldn’t have to remember two codes to make one offer possible.  
I am looking to password protect a collection on my site. Guess what. Another app. $5 to $9 a month to do this.  What else am I paying for?  Infinite options so that I can make options on products that don’t then multiply every other option already i...
I just did that. A representative responded even though it is like 9PM their time. 
How many $4 or $10 a month apps do I need to be paying for in order to get this platform doing what I need? I get exporting to Etsy or running mini-crowd funds require plug ins. But stuff like this shouldn’t cost us $5 a month for the rest of our liv...
I actually don’t have the same dire need anymore for this, but still do smaller campaigns that need this for maybe 100 backers. But I had to do a workaround for a 15,000 backer campaign that essentially forced me to compromise my shipping methods sto...
Is there a way to implore a Shopify associate to respond to one of these threads? Maybe create a new thread titled, “We Insist that Shopify respond to the request of combined discount and free shipping”? Then everyone here add to the conversation to ...
I suspect there are people leaving the platform for this. Some businesses really need this and I can see someone leaving a platform they otherwise love — but just need this basic function. There must be some huge coding issue with this as I also see ...
CPG: Your solution doesn’t really work. What people need is to apply the free shipping and discount to all items in a store. Not through some condition which will not apply to every item. I have a workaround also, but it does not solve the problem— o...
Right. I just noted how I do it, but in that case I have an item that already exists and I have to make another “secret” listing where it weights zero pounds that people with the code can access. This is absurd that I have to do it this way. But to d...
What I do is make free things weigh zero. So anything that ships free would be in shipping class for items below .01 lbs. Which also works if they get the item and some that require shipping. So that item will add no weight and in effect getting it f...
Hey Peter. What is the deal here? How many more hundred of requests are needed before either a solution or AT LEAST an explanation as to why it cannot happen?
It is like talking to ghosts in here. 
Oh sure. I was just saying my workaround works for my purpose. The whole thing stinks.  I also installed a plug-in that assigns the right shipping class to new items. This plug-in was causing an error for this same listing because I forgot to assign ...
I don’t think that is the case as the standard shipping rule will apply once anything is selected outside of the free category. I believe the way it works is that if they add anything over the cost of the free shipping — that rate applies. In this ca...
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