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support have passed me across into the forums - I'm having an issue trying to download all inventory levels in a location. I'm just getting a 500 internal server error. It's just a simple ap...
Hi All Thanks for the help received from these forums and the facebook groups. We launched our plus site - this week, the results so far are amazing with standout figures for m...
Is there any way to add multiple alternate images in the same call. I found an old example, can't seem to get it to this not possible? it takes forever to do each image individually[{"ima...
Hi I'm going round in circles trying to get the refund api working. I can get a result from the calculate refund api, but when I try issue a refund, I get the following error refund=Required...
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fixed it (can't delete the post) - the fulfilment location was wrong afterall
Hi I'm having an issue fulfilling items on orders via the fulfillments.json api. as far as I can tell, this functionality used to work. I'm not sure when it ceased to do so. We have items that can be added to an order as a service - a spray on a prod...
Thankyou - that's not documented anywhere. I will implement that instead - I was storing it in a redis cache from the checkout created / updated webhook.
Is there a way to retrieve the checkout with it's id?  I'm building a payment gateway - what I want is to get the items and the shipping once it's passed across to my gateway.  Shopify sends the id, but I have no idea how to access it. One way wou...
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