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Random spaces are appearing amongst the products on the collection pages. A space appears in the product grid, pushing a product onto a new row. They do not appear on every collection page, and they ...
Spaces are randomly showing up among the products on my collection pages. The store can be found here. The spaces have been showing up in different places for different browsers and different compute...
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Did you figure out how to control the sort order? I am having the same issue, and from the look of your filters, I think you might have found a solution.
My workaround is to click "Show original" in the three dots menu in gmail. This should open the raw email content in a new tab. Searching for "<a" in the HTML of the email should help you find the download link in the "href" attribute. Example of htm...
I have a feeling this is actually a gmail issue. I have the same problem, but every shopify export email has a big red warning at the top saying its flagged as unsafe. My theory is that gmail removes the download link automatically to prevent users f...
UPDATE: A better way to exclude all John Smith Google shoppers from KlaviyoI did some digging on which email addresses have been used by Google in the past.Our store has seen 331 unique Googlebot email addresses since Nov 30th, 2019 (that is the olde...
Here are the steps I took to suppress the Googlebot in Klaviyo.Note: It is important to SUPPRESS the profiles, not DELETE them. Klaviyo does allow you to delete all traces of a profile, but if you do that, the integration with Shopify will re-sync th...
All of the abandoned carts in Shopify are mildly annoying, but I don't think they are harming our store. However, we use Klaviyo as our ESP. Every abandoned cart becomes a profile in Klaviyo and also receives an abandoned cart email sequence. This is...
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