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What is KISSmetrics? Check out the video at This is the easiest way to integrate with KISSmetrics! No more need for custom implementations! Simply en...
Crazy Egg is an analytics provider that does amazing things with heatmaps and scrollmaps etc. The app makes it super simple for shops to integrate with Crazy Egg without having to mess with cust...
I am trying to use the script_tag API to load my google content experiment code in an external js file but Google can't seem to see it. Any insight as to why not? Is it not getting loaded in time d...
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Hey Liam, any update? Is there somewhere I can submit an official regression bug report? I have less than two weeks to comply with the mandated API upgrade deadline and this breaks my apps. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Hey Liam, Yes, hidden line item properties have been working since I started building apps in 2014. I noticed the regression this week as I've tried to upgrade for some deadlines Shopify has imposed on API versions. I'm adding hidden line item proper...
According to Shopify documentation, the Carts, checkouts, orders, and refunds webhooks are all supposed to have line item properties passed along with them. At least API versions 2023-04 and 2023-07 are missing hidden line_items properties in the che...
Hidden line item properties are now not carried from cart webhooks to checkout webhooks. They reappear in order and refund webhooks. This is the case for all supported api versions ... how are we supposed to comply with mandatory upgrades with bugs l...
Following this tutorial, once the merchant accepts the recurring application charge, the url that the merchant is redirected to does not contain "admin" in the path and therefore shows a 404.I found this:
No but I found this which hasn't been touched in 14 days. is preventing updates I need to have fixed by Oct 1 ...
I notice in your URL that the 'admin' portion is missing. I'm experiencing the same issue. Must be in a redirect somewhere in AppBridge.
Thanks for the update Levi, I've had no luck other than getting one response on Twitter. I've deployed a workaround as well that is backwards compatible if they do roll it back.
We are having the same issue. From preliminary triage it looks like the carts/create and carts/update webhooks have had an extra node added to the webhook data.
@Dan Grossman : Did you get a response on this? I'm running into this issue. App only fails on Safari and I'm including the correct X-Frame-Options
Sorry, I must have been unclear. I am not referencing the Shopify stylesheets directly. Rather, I am using Chrome's developer tools to inspect elements in the shop admin area to get the specific styles and then adding them to my own stylesheet. 
@max, absolutely! Its just a matter of CSS. You can find out what styles Shopify uses by inspecting the other pages of a shop's admin area and then implementing them in your apps stylesheets. I've done this myself but won't be submitting my new apps ...
Thanks for the quick reply! Maybe I'll put something together out on github once I complete it.
I am about a week away from beta testing two apps that are built with the EASDK. One thing I am interested in is if Shopify might provide a standard CSS file so our apps can look like the Shopify admin area (text size, input styles etc.)I typically d...
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