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I need to unpublish (hide) product via the API from Facebook? Reading all previous posts on this subject the closest I came was 'published' : false, 'published_scope' : 'web' which hides product...
I am currently developing an App for Shopify but I'm getting some weird results when attempting to setup recurring charges for the App. When setting up a charge I get a successful response back fr...
I am developing a public app and have the correct URL and Access Token available however for some reason Shopify rejects my code (401, Unauthorized) remote server error. Here's my code, anyone had an...
We have successfully created and populated 40,000 products with a custom field (metafield) 'warehouse location code' but note we cannot print that warehouse location code on an invoice (using the Sho...
Hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong here. I'm simply wanting to update the price and quantity of a product using the API. Our products do not have variants. I have tried the following but...
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Thank you Stephanie
Same problem here. Getting CERT_HAS_EXPIRED error when trying to use the Shopify API.
Yes, please add this to the API. Really surprised it's not available to developers!
For anyone interested, managed to get this working (updating the metafield) by using the following: {   "metafield": {     "namespace": "custom_fields",     "key": "warehouse_location",     "value": "2345",     "value_type": "string"   } }  and usi...
I am attempting to update a custom metafield for each product. We have tens of thousands of products and I was hoping to send the update metafield information using something like this:  https://MYSHOP/admin/products/7050337351.json sending JSON as...
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