I have tried all the other suggested solutions in past questions and none seem to work for my theme. I need to hide both Color and Size variant dropdown from the product details page. All of my produ...
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Until two days ago I could still (mysteriously) tag products in photos on Facebook desktop in a browser. I can still see the products that are tagged, I can still try to tag something and it shows the catalog but gives an error. Just went through FB ...
Here is another place you can go to express your thoughts and frustrations about this change. This link was posted in another thread on this topic here in the Shopify Community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYkXfmrTK48&t=109s  
Agreed, when I first saw the new layout I instinctively checked the browser text size to see if it had accidentally been lowered.  It's way too small on a standard 13" macbook screen. 
This dashboard update, and last year's changes to the product / variant workflow, are hands down the two worst updates I've seen on Shopify, and I've had a shop on this platform since about 2012.  
It looks like a content scraping tool/bot.
AGREED - Shopify, change it back! The new layout just appeared 30 minutes ago at midnight and I actually went to the system status page to see if you were having issues. It's so incredibly and unbelievably bad design and lacking in information.  It i...
I need to do the same on Impulse. Can you share the code change we need to make?
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