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Hi Everyone I'm looking for suggestions for a tool that integrates with Shopify (it's our main sales channel) and combines the following features. I found several contenders that come close ...
Hi. I'm looking to sign up one of my clients for one of the Affiliate programs avaible in the App store. There are a couple that have lots of reviews, but they all tend to be "Thi...
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Hi. Thank you for your  suggestions  and reading my post, and trying to understand the problem. Truly appreciate it. Let me clarify - 400 tags – that's not the SAME orders. It's on ALL orders.  An average order has - 3-5 tags. But there are multiple...
I see. Thank you for the explanation. It helped me figure out what is going on. It seems that the library I'm using for GraphQL communication doesn't support fragment inclusion properly if fragments are Named::Spaced - like so. I will need to either ...
Hi. I have a basic bulk operation running , but I can't figure out how to properly add fragments to BulkOperationRunQueryI have  other operations that for example do Customer search that use fragments – no problem, but not inside BulkOperationRunQuer...
Hello Shopify Community,I hope you're all doing well. Today, I'd like to bring up an issue that has been a recurring challenge for our team—managing tags in Shopify. Specifically, I'm looking for ways to limit who can create tags, manage them central...
Hi. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.We've been using this feature  for many years, to apply custom discounts to our customers. ...
Is it possible to use ShopPay from the backend?We work with a lot of small businesses / offices. Common scenario for us - they place a first order. Then they have recurring orders, that they often place by email or phone. We have to call them back an...
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