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@Hellstromprints  I suppose you want to hide it from collection pages. correct?  Paste this CSS at the very bottom of your california.css inside Assets .  This should hide the number of products as in below screenshot.collection .head h4{ display:non...
On normal stores (basic plan) they have a customize option for Buy button, not sure about Lite version though @Renovation-Inc Try updating the styles for button inside Product component, if you can find it inside your embed code. attaching screenshot...
Adding<input type="hidden" name="type" value="product"> should work.  Try this code instead @momzilla_ <form action="{{ routes.search_url }}" method="get" role="search" class="search-form search-page-form"> <div class="input-group input-g...
@DonPseudo update the code you already added inside theme.js.liquid in Step 4. See screenshot 
Add dots: false to $('.product-slideshow') @DonPseudo $('.product-slideshow').slick({ dots: true, infinite: true, speed: 500, slidesToShow: 1, dots: false, slidesToScroll: 1, arrows: false, asNavFor: '.product-slidesho...
@rvandyck  this might help you
Paste it at the very bottom of Assets/theme.css. If you are using older version of Debut, look for theme.scss.liquid inside Assets/Remove  the '>'  .hero__inner { margin-top: 40px}
1. set margin-top for the search-form using the CSS selector I mentioned above.hero__inner > { margin-top: 40px} 2.  I can see  that you have 4 </div> (closing tags) after the </form>. There should be only 3 </div>.
@Andrew-Alcott You can do this in two simple steps. Try it on duplicate theme first, instead of the live themeOpen sections/hero.liquid  ( Image with text overlay section)  , locate <div class="hero__inner"> Copy the search-form code from templates/s...
@bethchan you can create an alternate product template for those 5 products. refer 
 Try line_item.line_price  instead. The liquid variables are different for order printer app.
text-transform: capitalize;Refer : If you are unsure about the CSS selector, please share the URL 
updated the code based on"/webhook", async(req, res) => { const data = await req.rawBody const hmacHeader = await req.get('X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256') try{ ...
Thanks to @ken_smas . I finally made it work.  Is async/await is a best practice here?const express = require("express") const bodyParser = require("body-parser") const crypto = require("crypto") const secretKey = "xxxxx" const app = express() const...
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