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My app adds a bulk action to the Orders list. You can select multiple orders, click on More actions and then Process in Exporteo. Shopify passes the selected orders IDs in a query parameter. It works...
Dear Shop Owners, When was the last time you had to modify your shop theme code (liquid files)? Did you make the changes in code yourself or did you hire a developer? If yourself, then where did yo...
Is it allowed for a collaborator who manages a store to review an app in the Shopify app store?
What permission is required for a collaborator to approve app charges? I mean, when sending a request to manage a store. It turns out that "Applications" permission is not enough. Would "Full access"...
Does the Shoipfy Email app support personalization? For example, I'd want to insert customer's first name in the email content.
I'm following the tutorial about migrating from the legacy Embedded App SDK to App Bridge. The code snippet for Keeping the frame URL in sync using the ES5/CDN-hosted version: var App...
I know that it's possible to add many discount codes to the same price rule. However, all the codes share the same expiration date that is specified in the price rule. Is there a way to add discount ...
Hi, I've just noticed that the MailChimp app is no longer available in the app store. Why is it so? Will it be back soon? Best regards, Lukasz Wiktor
Hi Shopify team, is it already known when the new App Store design is going to be launched? My app has been already approved in the enhanced listing format but it still shows up as unpublished ...
Hi, I'm using the Embedded App SDK in my app. I can't figure out how to open a collection picker so that it would show previously selected collections. ShopifyApp.Modal.collectionPicker({sele...
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It evolved into Stockeo app. 
Hi @Outbackers, Good news. You can use Stockeo app to automate inventory updates from CSV files provided by your supplier.   
Hallo Torsten, Stockeo kann auch Bestand aus einer CSV-Datei importieren. Freundliche Grüße,Lukas
Stockeo downloads the product data from the API first. The grouping of variants happens on the fly, when creating new products. The app checks by SKU if the products/variants downloaded from the API already exist in your store. Currently Stockeo can ...
Hi @24W,  I'm happy to answer your questions. Are you able to upload image files with the sync? (image urls)Yes, Stockeo can add images to imported products. You just need to add the Image URL field in the Data Mapping section, and specify which XML ...
 You can use Stockeo app to sync products and stock from an API. The app supports both formats, JSON and XML. An API key usually needs to be passed as the Authorization header:  or as a URL query parameter:  This depends on your supplier's API specif...
For those who are still looking for a solution, you can use Stockeo app to import and update products from an XML feed.
@Euphorie-Store are you importing directly to Shopify or using my app Stockeo? Can you share the CSV file? If not publicly then please DM me a link.
Our app Stockeo can import and/or update products from directly from JSON.
Exactly as you already guessed. Just change shipping_address to billing_address. {% if billing_address %} <h3 style="margin: 0 0 1em 0;">Billing Details</h3> <div style="margin: 0 0 1em 0; padding: 1em; border: 1px solid black;"> <strong>{{ billing_a...
As far as I know adding order tracking in bulk from a CSV file is not possible without using an app.
Hallo @Bartels_22, Zwischen Option und Nummer darf kein Leerzeichen stehen. Die Spalten in Ihrer CSV-Datei sollten sein: "option1 name" statt "option 1 name""option1 value" statt "option 1 value""option2 name" statt "option 2 name""option2 value" sta...
@havemaskwilltra Exporteo app can do exactly what you are looking for.  
The first screenshot looks like the abandoned checkout notification email. You can find the email template in your store Settings > Notifications > Abandoned checkout Make sure that sending of this email is enabled in your Checkout settings.  Please ...
Hello @RHK If you use the Shopify's built-in CSV import to update your inventory, then unfortunately you have to use handles to match variants that need to be updated. If you are open to use an app, then you could enter your supplier product codes in...
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