I am trying to get a lightbox effect working for my product pages using the Supply theme. There are a couple of tutorials for Fancybox but they are outdated as Fancybox has had a major upd...
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Odoo does everything that AE and Shopify does and so much more, all in a tightly integrated single platform.  I know of several small businesses who have gone or are going to this platform, myself included.
This is standard operating procedure for AccountEdge.  They do not care about any legacy products.  They had at least a year to develop a solution, but actively chose not to.  Users of the Mac desktop client have seen this song and dance before.  In ...
It does appear possible, but I have never tried it:https://support.mightymerchant.com/importing-customers-and-orders-into-accountedge
It might...but I can't afford the risk of it forcing a sync.  If you try it, please let us know the results.
Only rebooted the system, no change.  I only use the connector to import orders, I have too many other changes to risk a sync and turning everything into a mess.  We will just manually input orders until our Odoo integration is ready.
We were using the legacy connector to our desktop version of AccountEdge.  Today, it quit working for no apparent reason, this seems to be it.  Luckily, I am already in process of moving our entire operation over to Odoo for ERP and e-commerce.  This...
Greta, Thank you for the information.  I am migrating to a new backend accounting system and would actually like all data from the order page.  Customer, Item, Date, Address, Comments, etc.  Is there a way to do this?  I have seen how to export the m...
Is there a way to export the comments my employees have made in the Timeline of Orders and in the Customer Info?  The standard export does not seem to do it.
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