Just launched a new store: www.freedovemarket.com. Can anyone help me figure out why the website works perfectly on every device and every browser except for devices running Android? The site literal...
I use Stripe as my payment gateway, as well as, PayPal which was enabled by default. Is there any advantage to offering the PayPal checkout option? It seems kind of annoying having money from sales g...
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Thank you for the thorough reply! What I meant was when the theme developers release an update, how do you go about applying totally new files to a branch?
How do you go about updating your Shopify theme when using the GitHub integration. Is there a way to create a branch with the newly updated theme and diff the changes? What is the best workflow?
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this response - super helpful! One thing I don't fully understand is how to create the "update branch". When you make a branch you have to give it the source branch and then that branch is just a duplica...
Did you find the answers you needed? Currently running into this same issue.
Literally tried in a different browser on a different computer. NO luck. This is an identical issue as one posted about a month ago that was labeled a bug and said to have been fixed: https://community.shopify.com/c/online-store-2-0/issue-with-pages-...
They are all visible and viewable on the live site.
Created a product metafield (Settings -> Metafields), "Reference" type with "Page" as the content-type. When I go to the product editing page to give a page for metafield it returns "No pages available". 
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