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Our Shopify shop is up and running since 1. November. We have currently about 4200 products (with a bunch of variants each). As frontend we have a customized turbo theme. As we started in a hurry, ...
Hello, I am currently setting up our shop and have used a hidden form field to set a property on the to hand over some information stored as a tag on the product. This w...
Hello, I am currently setting up our shop with the Out of the Sandbox Turbo Theme. It supports the ludicrous mode, where a mousover on product images prefetches the product page in the background. Le...
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 You cought me! I postet my answer, before I tested it itself. And we both got bitten for my hurry... I edited my last post, to reflect my findings. But your post turned me into the right direction  Thanks.
Currently also looking for this functionality... Hence, stumbled over your posting. As the documentation of the Python API project has some room for improvement, I tend to read the source. Which is quiet descriptive: In your IDE click on shopify.Pro...
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