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I wanted to add a line of text that would span the width of the page to my footer, above the columns of SOCIAL MEDIA, GET CONNECTED and NEWSLETTER. Is this possible? How do I go about coding it?
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I want to embed a webpage into my shopify store. I created a new page based on the shopify "default page".I added the code "<iframe src="embedded website address here" style="border: none;" height="1000" width="100%" title="Organic Certificate"></ifr...
I'm another one experiencing this issue. It is very frustrating to scroll through so many items that are not valid at different locations. or 
I use recharge and a shopify flow theme. I am wanting to display the subscription check box so customers can confirm their subscription, however, I cannot seem to find how to add this checkbox. I went to see if I could adjust the wording through the ...
Hi Summer,Can you advise why I can't see the "Subscription agreement label" in my language theme settings? My checkout does not show a subscription checkbox and I desperately wish it would. I use recharge on a Flow theme. Has the theme removed the op...
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