Hi All, We are new to Shopify after running our site on Magento for the past several years. We are using ShipperHQ's override app which worked great in Magento and has the potential to work ...
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@Spac-es Do you happen to have any suggestions so the Horizontal Tab above the description isn't so crammed together and only have the words are showing for: "Description,  Customer Reviews, Bodyboard Quiz, Shipping info"?
You rock!  I got so many spam messages in my Facebook Messenger.  Thank you for being honest and helpful!
When I look at mobile version of my website the "Product Grouped" section and my descriptions are all crammed into a narrow column instead of stretching the whole width of the phone.  Look at this on your mobile phone:Product page How do I fix those ...
In recent weeks, we've been noticing that several customers have had multiple authorizations on their cards when ordering. It seems to have coincided with when I implemented Shopify tax.Example:$45.71 USD was captured using a Mastercard ending in *99...
Hi Ketan,Can you help me figure out where to change the description font on my site?https://www.ebodyboarding.com/collections/bodyboard-leashes/products/ebodyboarding-qd-quick-detach-bicep-leash
Did you ever figure this out? I am just trying to change the description font in mine:https://www.ebodyboarding.com/collections/bodyboard-leashes/products/ebodyboarding-qd-quick-detach-bicep-leash It is smaller and not like all the other fonts on my ...
I DID IT!!! /* Pagination */.pagination-row {text-align: center;margin-top: 100px;margin-bottom: 20px;}
This is the code in my pagination-control.liquid: {% if paginate.pages > 1 %}<div class="pagination">{% if paginate.previous %}<a class="prev" href="{{ paginate.previous.url }}">&laquo; {{ 'general.pagination.previous' | t }}</a><span class="paginati...
Can anyone tell me why these wouldn't be working and what file this part of the code would be in? https://www.ebodyboarding.com/collections/eyewear
when you go to a collection page on our website :https://www.ebodyboarding.com/collections/all-bodyboardsIt is giving a liquid syntax error:Liquid syntax error (product-grid-item line 20): Expected id but found pipe in  variant || json MORE SIZES AVA...
What file is that?  I am using symmetry theme btw.
It was the product template liquid file.  Had a friend help me find the issue. Thank you everyone.
I can't figure it out.  Why when someone adds a size M to the cart it adds an XS (the first variant)?  This is happening on every item on my website!  What liquid file could this be in?
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