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Honestly, this is one of the reasons I keep rejecting their attempts to get us to upgrade. Why am I going to pay that much per month and still have to code my own solutions to their shortcomings? The code will work just as fine on a non-pro plan, so ...
Correct. This has been an issue for some time. Every once in a while a customer emails in confused about it, we come to check to see if Shopify has addressed it and it's still the same.  
Refund Later is the option you want. It means don't refund now. You're refunding "later" via gift card.
Can't you cancel the order but not refund, then issue them a gift card in the same amount?
Haha, I have not. I'm so used to that page not being updated that I'm more surprised when it DOES show something.
This has been happening for about 12 hours in my experience, yet their status page still says everything is fine.
I already spoke directly to shopify support. I am not sure if you work for support, but if you do, the details, including affected products, are already sent over. This isn't in our heads, it's an actual bug (and the previous similar issue on 1/30/23...
You're not alone. I spoke with shopify support and they said they weren't aware of anyone else having this problem, so I'm chiming in with a +1 on this issue. Please stop breaking stuff shopify.
Bonus points: sold out items are now available to order 
Also having this issue. Set product inventory to 1000 and it shows sold out. Workaround for me is to check "continue selling when sold out". Not ideal since we don't want to oversell, but it will work for now until they hopefully fix this issue.
Probably have to pay 2k/mo for Plus for them to even hear your cry 
Looking for this too. When an order is edited, the customer then thinks there are two items in the order, vs just the one item with a different option for example.
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