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Hi there! Would love to get some help on getting this table below resized and centred, I've tried making the table 70% but it's still aligned to the left. PAGE: https:...
Hi there! I would love to add some spacing between 2 bottom sections of this page password:alduiy I've tried a couple o...
hi there! I'm looking to add a drop shadow to the bottom of the navigation bar, I've tried out a couple of codes from other threads but nothing worked so far. Could anyone point me in the right dire...
Hi there! Is it possible to show some content of a page (not homepage) on only mobile and some on only desktop? I've got a page that doesn't look to good on mobile and I'm not sure how to fix it <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":slightly_smiling_face:">🙂</span>&...
Hi guys! is it possible to add a different image for mobile for the header slider? The desktop one is cut off quite a bit, so it looks a bit weird on mobile!
Hi there, I just noticed the text on the first button (header) is not visible when hovering over. The theme guys aren't very responsive so hope someone can point me in the right direction <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":slightly_smiling_face:">🙂</span> https:...
Hi guys, I've been trying to get the shopify reviews to appear in the product tab but can't seem to make it work. Would love some guidance if anyone knows how!
Hi guys, Could anyone point me in the right direction to hide the red line in the navigation bar: (vantage theme) I know I can change the colour but ...
Hi guys! for my website made using the Vantage theme: I have hidden the cart icon on the desktop a while ago, but I would need to do it for mobile too. Can...
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that worked perfectly, thanks so much!
Hi there, I've used below code (the same code used for gift wrapping) to add a free book to a customer's cart. I would like some space on the left side though, I've played around with the margins but the tick box is not  <div id="is...
Hi there, On the pipeline 2.0 theme, I need some space between the T&Cs and the powered by link in the subfooter. what is the best way to go about this? Thanks!     <div class="subfooter__item subfooter__item--copyright"> <span class="subfoot...
this worked, thank you so much!
hi this did not work either, unfortunately. Is there anything else we could try?  Thank you 
hey this did not work unfortunately, is there anything else we could try?  Thank you 
Hi, I've been trying to make the contact form fields required but somehow it's not working. website. I've been adding 'required' after <input  and played around with 'aria-required' too but nothing is happening.I would like it for below 3 fields.than...
Does anyone else have a solution for this? Much appreciated 
the text in the field disappears with this code. When I add "Child's Age w label code" to the end, it changes the format entirely 
hi I've done the below but nothing happens unfortunately. Anything else I could try?   <div class="field"> <input required class="field__input" autocomplete="age" type="text" id="ContactForm-age" name="contact[Child's age]" value="" placeholder="C...
hi! is there a way to make added fields mandatory/required?
Hi there I've added some fields to our contact form but I want to make them all 'required'. What can I add to the code here? Thanks so much!  {{ 'section-contact-form.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} {%- style -%} .section-{{ }}-pad...
hi @Dan-From-Ryviu  this worked, thank you!  It's just on mobile the h2 text is too high up. I tried to use below code but it's not working, is there anything else I can try?@media (min-width: 768px) { h2 { font-size: 30px; padding-top: 100...
hi @Anshul_arora  this does not work, unfortunately. Is there another code that can be used? 
Hi there, I made a transparent header, but I don't want it to be sticky. How do I disable this? When I do this in the editor, the transparency doesn't work anymore.I used the below code for the transparent header which I guess makes it a sticky heade...
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