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Hi Sara, Not sure if you are still having an issue but can you provide some more information or the error message you are getting? It is likely due to the security settings you have in place. Derek
Sorry we have our own integration business TranslatorHQ.You will need to turn off all those locations and work with Support to re-enable the integration. You can try disable and re-enabling but only once all the locations are gone.
Hi,Unfortunately you cannot interact with Retail Express Inventory. You should be managing Stock from within Retail Express only. Note that the Retail Express integration does not support multiple locations only through checkout.Your options are to w...
Yes I am having the same with %15 calculating too high. Shopify's amounts are consistently too high. 
Hi, There are 2 ways to achieve Click and Collect with Retail Express. They have their own integration which collapses all locations to a single "Channel". If you want Shopify multi location we offer the original Shopify integration.  Ypu cn then use...
We are seeing the same failures within the last 20 hours. No longer marked as Unfulfilled status appears as null in both API and .json view.
Keries, Shopify Flow is now available on all plans and while it will not stop the order it is under your control and you can tag the order or apply actions. So you an add a flow based on an empty I don't know how to use the phone...
Hi, Have you found a solution to this? We are building an app for a custom requirement but interested if you have had to build your own or found an app? We are planning to use ShopMail to assist the card delivery. Regards Derek GilesTranslatorHQ – ti...
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