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Hi! We've made a shipping/fulfillment app - which returns tracking no. and url. The system we're integrated with also supplies a link to pdf shipping label - but I'm not sure how I can return this ...
Hi! We have a client with 8 locations, where not all locations stock the same items. We've tried a lot of different apps to solve pick up, but none seem to cut it; e.g. A customer places an order,...
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Hi!Seems we cannot read/write allow_overselling in Flow;but on this Plus store, we'd like to automatically set allow_overselling to true, if a product meets certain prerequisites, e.g.if Product Type = Sofa, and product vendor = Bolia - set allow_ove...
You can of course cry like a baby and hope Shopify will covert your store to a single origin store, and use e.g. Zapiet for pickup at store - in many cases that is a much better solution than refunding shipping costs, @arayard . It’s kind of a soluti...
I honestly can not believe that way over a year after, this is still an issue. Shopify needs to fix this, or make it optional.An ecommerce solution that can not cater for a merchant with two or more locations that wants to offer free shipping over X ...
Exactly. This is an absolute killer for merchants with multiple locations in one region. So much good has been done by Shopify lately, but this feature overshadows everything for a multi location merchant who wants to be in charge of their own shippi...
Hi @hassain, and thanks a lot for your reply. The thing is though, that they do have the same shipping origin, but the products are spread onto different locations.Examples; (when using a third party inventory system), 1 location can be in your store...
Hi!We have a Shipping/fulfillment app, that's been working until now;However with multi origin shipping, the price is multiplied with the number of locations of the products in the order.Ex; We set a shipping price of $9, Customer buys product from l...
I second this. We need to be able to let the clients check their current balance.Yes it can be done by adding the gift card to Apple Wallet, and yes it can be done at checkout - not very intuitive though.contexo.myshopify.com etc. etc.
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