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Yes, it will take 10% off every item in the cart (which still works out to be 10% off the entire order)
Looks like there is another column there that is pushing the copyright content across, this column contains the payment info.  Not sure what theme you're using, but might have to look into the code to remove that column so that the copyright content ...
The 10% will be discounted off all products in the cart that match the criteria of the discount you setup in the Shopify Admin. Since you set it to be applied to all products in your store, this will mean that all products in your store will be disco...
Can you link to a preview of the theme you're working on, so we can get a better understanding of the context of the CSS
Products will only show in collections that you have assigned them in the Shopify Admin, so as long as you keep to that, you won't have your products show in any other collections except the ones you define. To prevent them showing on other pages (I'...
Looks like your "shopify.ShopifyResource.get_site()" function is returning something that isn't a String, what is that function returning? 
You're not able to do it with the Product Templates (unless there is a supporting app), but you can look into the Liquid a bit more to help with this. Most themes will have a product.liquid section in the product.liquid template file. You can use liq...
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