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 Hi there!I'm using the Partner API to create a panel for advanced data browsing regarding applications, installations, and so on.Currently, I'm working on retrieving transactions - overall, everything is working great, but I've encountered a certain...
I found solution:
Do you found solution with "See details" button?
Hi, Our app based on Delivery customization API has any errors - I can see it on Partners Shopify in details:I have list of request with error:  But I don't have button "See". How can I show details like ABC store? 
Our app doesn't work on Shopify app - we don't know why. How can we debug it? We see only loading:  
We have app and the app has 1 additional translation. Everything works. But we don't know how our merchants with other language can translate our app block ?   
@KathB 2M or 5M?M => megabytes or characters ?
@Liam The details like store plan, store country, email, phone is available in Shopify Partners during export CSV files or in App history. So I think that it should available in Partners API. What you think?
Hi,thank you for answer. We build application for apps Developers which helps their checking stats and creating advanced reports. The application not will be have access to Shopify API.
Hi, Is possible to get store details like plan_name, country, merchant email ? 
Hi @GuillermoGarcia ,do you try to create checkout via Storefront API ? I ask because I have issue.
Hi, I try to create checkout via Storefront API but I have error:  { "data": { "checkoutCreate": null }, "errors": [ { "message": "CheckoutCreate access denied", "locations": [ { ...
Hi @Liam  I try to use StorefrontAccessToken resource to create the storefront access token but I have error:  App must be a channel or have unauthenticated scopes to create a storefront access token. Scopes of my app:- unauthenticated_write_checkout...
We are working on an app and we want it to use the Storefront API. However, we get an error:"App must be a channel or have unauthenticated scopes to create a storefront access token."We know that there has been a change recently and the application d...
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