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Talking about this hidden gem: My problem is: I don't need anything at all in the new Shopify Facebook channel except that. We have Facebook page, Instagram shop, Ads, product feeds etc...
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Problem solved itself. Probably some sort of logic where Quick start is disabled after POS sales have been registered a couple days. All is good now.
Did you solve this issue? I'm also stuck at the same spot! POS is working and we're doing sales etc, but admin still only shows the Quick start guide.
I just got an email from Shopify support telling me the bug is fixed.I can confirm that uploading a new OS 2.0 theme now works as expected, the template selector is functional again.Themes uploaded while the bug was active are still bugged, so I just...
I have reported the bug to Shopify support. They confirmed the bug and have passed it on to the developers. We'll see what happens...
I have the same problem, for all OS 2.0 themes. Was something broken in the Shopify theme editor recently?
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