I have uploaded a file to my site - but can't seem to add it into Brooklyn's Custom HTML section. I paste this code: <img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0505/2674/8830/files/polyproof-home...
Hi Im trying to remove the spacing between the blocks in the 'custom content' section. See attached image.
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HiI recently setup a new Shopify site (I've done many - so know how to connect all the channnels and analytics, etc.) Everything was working perfectly, GA4 was tracking orders/purchases - and then suddenly it stopped, and hasn't recorded a purchase i...
I connected a new shopify site to Lightspeed retail X.Connection successful.I imported only specific products from lightspeedFor some reason shopify is importing old orders from the other retail outlets.How do I stop this? Also, a woocommerce store i...
How do I make collage images clickable? I'm using collages in multiple places on the site. https://thesportsconceptstore.myshopify.compassword: runforestrun
Will this code work on the new shopify Trade theme?I need to make collage images (3 sections) on the home page. https://thesportsconceptstore.myshopify.compassword: runforestrun
One of our payment gateway offers a installment payment plan. They sent me some code that had to be inserted into the main-product.liquid file.Surely it can be inserted in the editor using the 'custom liquid' block?It seems like an awful lot of code ...
Hi I uploaded a 350x350 image. Same result.
Instead of using the default svg icons in the mega menu I've opted for pngs.The images are 150px - and I've edited the code to display the image at 150px.Burt the images are very blurred. See attached original png and screenshot of it in the menu. Li...
Hi This worked for desktop - but the cart icon still shows on mobile.  
HiHere is a preview link https://l6pv24nm3am8nf3v-47902556328.shopifypreview.com
Hi I need to hide the login and cart icons from my header.We are using shopify to display products - but do not actually sell on our site.Using the minion theme. can't provide a link - as the theme has not been published yet.
Hi In the attached image you can see, the html code (top pelft) - and the custom CSS (bottom left).I need to know how to centre that section.
The rich text section in Dawn doesn't really allow the text to display the width of the page. I've added copy to the Custom Liquid section - but how do I centre this section?See image attached.   
That looks brilliant - thank you
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