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Hi, I want to sort the search results on my website by new, so the newest products related to that search comes first. How can I do this?
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Hi,Thanks for getting back to me. I had a look at those apps but the thing is, I'm looking for an app that discounts based on the number of items bought, not the number of pounds spent. Is there an app you think can do this?
I'm trying to set something up on my website so customers can get 5p credit for every unit they order, which is applied to the next order. Is there a way to do this, either through an app or some other way?
I use B2B catalogs on my website so certain customers get special pricing on certain products, but this doesn't work on Shopify POS when I am creating an order on it for wholesale customers. Is there a way to ensure that special pricing is applied wh...
I have a Shopify Script that applies a special pricing rule. For instance, if a customer orders 3 units of a device tagged as "3 For 10", the total price for those items will be £20. This rule is designed to work dynamically, so if they add 6 units t...
I'm having an issue where I have put images for each flavour on my variants but the image doesn't change on the front end. https://www.vaporshopdirect.com/products/lost-mary-bm600-disposable-vape-device I checked on the console and it says there's an...
I'm working on a new theme for my website and on our website, we have some products that are compatible with other products, like a vape mod that is compatible with a vape tank. I'm looking to put this on a section on a product page, set using tags, ...
I purchased the Warehouse theme recently and I'm looking to put it live on my website soon, but one issue I still have is with the collection filters.I want to have the collection filters in a way where you can select multiple tags at once, e.g: filt...
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