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Hey John,I thought I had added that before but it seems not. Everything works now. Thanks!
Hey John,Thanks for the response! I tried the request again with an order made yesterday and was still receiving the same error. X-Request-ID is 26c9323d-b8a2-4dcf-86b2-517eb480a07f
Ah sorry I must have removed that by accident. The original call included that in the url. It still returns the same result.   
yup. verified. Also tried this request via curl and it responded the same.
Trying to use the orders api endpoint to retrieve orders by order id but i am getting "Not Found". Verified that the endpoint is correct as it returns the order json in the browser. Key works as theresponse is not auth related. Screenshot is attached...
It looks like Shopify has issued an update to the API Terms so that section 3.2.18 (checkouts outside of Shopify Checkout) no longer apply to private applications.  @KarlOffenberger, @leteyski, @sharie, @Nesters - might apply to you. Thanks for liste...
In the API Terms, section 2.3.18 says this:"not use an alternative to Shopify Checkout for web checkout or payment processing, or register any transactions through the Shopify API, without Shopify’s express written authorization." Does this mean that...
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