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We currently have buyers in 29 different states. I don't want a page with a long list of addresses. Is there a way of making a page to show a list of addresses when you click on ...
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Lizzy, Sometime the buyer wants to buy something for another person, so instead of putting their own billing information, they would put the other person's info in the billing and ship-to, and put their own name and number for the card.  I don't see ...
Lizzy, For this new site, there is nothing there yet.  Basically, like our current site, we charge their card manually after they place their order.  This allow us time to review the order before charging them.  Sometime, they put the billing and shi...
Lizzy, Thank you for the reply. Basically, I only want the buyer to put in the billing address only.  I don't want an option of shipping the product to a different address. I have seen credit card fraud before where the buyer wants to ship to a diffe...
I would like to make it that the shipping address is always the same as the billing address.  Is there a way to disable the option of entering a different address? Thanks.
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