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Started about 3 days ago, ran 1 test ad, small scale and one slightly bigger at $11 on fb - got reach and engagement but nothing much else. coldhall.com Looking ingo Google PLA atm ...
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I have two themes, one new version with no text/store header and an older version that has the text/store header - I've combed through my code, copied code over and spent hours and i cannot figure out how i've removed the text from the header as I wa...
Unfortunately not atm, it's quite 'random' and seems to generally be related to Chrome.My friend said it was working on safari though.I'm only using iframe because it just seems like the easiest way to display the interactive animation, I'm open to o...
The iframe I have embedded in custom liquid on the home page at times just doesn't 'load' on peoples browsers. Here is the code in the liquid - <iframe src="https://levonkev.github.io/background4/" frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; height: 800px;">...
I have a product page, with a custom font enabled for <span> tags, theres a few lines in that product page that happen to be <span>, where can i go to edit the code? I cant locate it in edit code. Things such as unit price, and 'add to cart' 
In my footer theres a menu and i would like to edit the size of the font for the heading of that menu 'HELPFUL & LEGAL TERMS" (I cant believe something as simple as that requires digging into code)Next to this menu element, i have a text box - its em...
https://code7kbnjgpeeav7-74866557205.shopifypreview.com  I have margins 0% etc
 Here's a screenshot of it on my end
Hmm those errors might be from the iframe, I did some extra coding with the help of this forum and chatgpt to widen the iframe to screen size. The font I'm talking about is called Cinzel-SemiBold and appears in the middle of the iframe 'Internal Affa...
Hi here is a preview of my site, it looks fine so far on chome (except for the '{' at the top of the page)However, my font wont appear on mobile and the text isn't aligned and cantered on the middle of the iframe as shown on desktop. Here is a previe...
checked 'theme.scss.css file' and cannot find that code, using ctrl+f
oh wow, this was great and works! However, under my iframe I have the following text when previewing ".element { width: 100%; /* set width to 100% */ }"https://j4theqdjs4v4xbsf-74866557205.shopifypreview.com
Hi, i've added a custom HTML page in my template, and then added in an iframe. https://j4theqdjs4v4xbsf-74866557205.shopifypreview.comHere is a preview of the site, my question is how do I expand the width of that iframe be as wide as the monitor dis...
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