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Hi all! I believe you all know that Shopify's relationship with mailchimp will end soon and if you are the mailchimp app user, you may look for some other alternatives. I have been ...
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It worked brilliantly! Thank you so much JohnE10!!! 
Hi there It returned the total cart value before any discounts. For example,- Total cart value: $400- Discount: $40- Total value (final payment amount): $360 So it returned $400. Basically, I want to make the 'Free Gift' text appear on the packing sl...
Hi gurus and more experienced users I have a very simple question that you may be able to answer easily... When I put {{ total_price | minus: discounts_savings }} in the packing slip template coding, it returns a correct value that I am after. But I ...
Hi Saad13 When I put {{ total_price | minus: discounts_savings }}, it returns a correct value. So unless there is one simple liquid variable, the key is how to put that into the if statement... Any ideas?  {% if total_price | minus: discounts_saving...
I've also tried this but "<p style="padding-top: 10px;">You've just earned a FREE Secret Gift! </p>" didn't show at all even for eligible orders. So I assume that the calculations part didn't work unfortunately.
Hi Saad13 Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working... So, I've put the below to see if I get any value on the packing slip and there was no returning value. <p>order subtotal price: {{ order.subtotal_price }}</p>  If you ha...
Hi Community! I have a question that may be quite simple for the experts. Basically, I want to make the 'You've just earned a Free Gift!' text appear on the packing slip for orders whose cart value is greater than $350 before any discount. Basically,...
Hi there Thank you so much for having a look at my code! Really appreciate it. I just put your code in but still the message doesn't change dynamically as if that particular 'free shipping' code section doesn't loop or refresh automatically with the ...
Hi all I am trying to implement 3 different shipping messages of which one appears depending on the cart total price on the CART page and I put this in Sections/main-cart.liquid: <div class="container"> {% assign std_shipping_value = 800...
I am sorry for my late reply but I appreciate your help, Jonathan. I will definitely check the app out!
Hi Matchalleri I know you want to help genuinely but I am so sorry that I am not comfortable to give you access... Apologies.  If you can share a screenshot of what you advised before, that'll be greatly helpful. Thank you for your understanding in a...
Thank you! Please have a look and let me know because I can't find any fields like that 
Hi Matchalleri Thanks for your reply. Your solution sounds really good if I am actually able to select all those fields you mentioned. Is that for Shopify Plus? I am not on Shopify Plus and don't see those field options. My export function doesn't gi...
Hi all Hope you're all well. I am wondering if anyone knows how to export the product image file info into csv from Shopify.Basically, I want to check through all product images that may be too large in size (e.g. 1mb) or in a ratio that I don't want...
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