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I'm trying to create a draft order using the GraphQL API with the following mutation: mutation draftOrderCreate($input: DraftOrderInput!) { draftOrderCreate(input: $input) { userErrors...
I'm attempting to find a unique Id that will allow me to identify which store the embedded app is currently installed on. For example, If I'm creating an app that will charge $0.01 per some specific ...
I'd like to perform a single API call that retrieves order information and product information for each `line_item` in the order. Is this possible, or do I need to perform a separate products query a...
I could be misusing this endpoint but I'm struggling to find the list of products within a custom_collection. When I pull the details of a custom collection with /custom_collections/$collectionId.jso...
Is it possible to perform a wildcard search using the name field on the API? I've tried using '*' and '%' without any luck. For example, here's my URL in my php app: "/orders.json?name=*$na...
I'm trying to save an order's information using the API and am not having any success. There is no error being given and the 'updated' order is being returned in the response. I say updated because t...
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@Cleankitchen I actually ended up switching to Apollo GraphQL client so I'm unsure if this solution works any longer.
Do you have any code you can share to help diagnose this?
My problem was two fold.I was using a mutation on a query end pointQueries don't use input in the payloadconst payload = { customerAccessToken: "..." } // NOT const payload = { input: { customerAccessToken: "..." } } 
Well, is it an app that you're building that keeps track of the checkout id? If so, couldn't you just forget the Id and request new?
Have you looked into closing an order? This can't be done using the Storefront API and requires a Server accessing the Admin API.
Your app looks pretty good in mobile view. You wanting something installed on the app store? 
That's a CORS error. What URL are you posting to, and if it's local on your machine, is your development environment configured correctly?
I'm attempting to recover a customer using the customerAccessToken that is given when the user logs in to Shopify.Using Apollo, here's my code:  this.apollo.mutate({ mutation: getCustomerFromToken, variables: { input: { customerAccessTo...
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