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Hey guys, We are trying to take the final total after discount from the cart/checkout to employ certain checks on it. However, it seems, Shopify does not allow us that. Can you please help u...
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Just to add on top of my last reply, FedEx or UPS, any account can be connected by the app and the charging takes place like this. You would have to set up a payment method that would directly be connected to your UPS or FedEx account. For example, w...
Within Box packaging there is a complete world of packaging algorithms that need to be looked at before selecting a solution. If your solution is purely using dimensions for packaging items, then there are different ways of packaging them like purely...
As per my knowledge, if you are using Lettermail rates, then printing labels with this is not possible with Canada Post. You would require to use a standard service for label generation. You can try a few options. First adjust the cost of the Service...
To start climbing the canada post discounts on your account, there is no need to go to the Canada Post website and perform shipping individually. You do this within Shopify using the Multi Carrier Shipping label app. With this app, your account will ...
Not sure i completely understood your query. If i did, then you are looking how to find out the DHL API keys to enable DHL SHipping? If this is not your question, i apologise as i did a Google translate. You can post your question in english if possi...
TYLERCARRIERE : Ideally, Zebra printers should be able to print a 4 x 6 file. So if you are able to print UPS labels with it, you should be able to print Canada Post as well. However, if your shipping solution is generating a PNG file, then you need ...
Yes, you can connect your UPS account and be billed directly through UPS for labels within the Shopify admin. This can be achieved using an app in which the admin has full control over fulfilment and the app should allow tracking numbers to be acquir...
Based on the pointers mentioned by various people in the thread, I can summarise the following problems :1.  There is no way to get UPS 2 Day Air services if the transit time is less than or equal to 2 days. 2.  If customers go with an external app, ...
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