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I've created app using rails shopify_app gem + webpacker + polaris + react + Shopify App Bridge I've set up of Resource picker through shopify app bridge and working fine in my app but i want to cha...
I've created a rails+shopify app using shopify app gem, Everything is working but i require to store Shop data(Products, Variants, Inventory, Transactions etc...) quick after app installation and it ...
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Thanks for guiding, its working fine now.
Hi @hannachen, Thanks for replying, I wasn't aware about its compatibility but yes, the page view contains the JS in embedded_app.html.erb file <script src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/assets/external/app.js?<%= Time.now.strftime('%Y%m%d%H') %>"></scri...
I've created app using rails shopify_app gem + webpacker + polarisI'm new to Shopify App Bridge. I'm getting all the values and no error in console regarding set up but when i click on button value gets true but ResourcePicker doesn't open.I've revie...
I've sent you the shop id and yes the webhooks are created and even i am receiving the transaction create webhook response but not others, I am not sure where i'm wrong. Thank you
I've created the embedded app in rails using shopify app gem.Webhook registration is working fine but only one webhook is being received but there are other webhooks but can't receive it neither receiving any error. Am i missing something ? Is it lik...
@Busfox wrote:Hi @s-sana, An order can be created without a transaction. Can you ensure the order you are expecting an order_transactions/create webhook to be triggered on has an associated transaction? Cheers,Thank you for your response, i figured o...
order_transactions/create webhook is not working other webhooks are working fine but when exactly order_transactions/create is called. I am working in Ruby on Rails i've created a job for it same like for other webhooks. I suppose after order creatio...
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