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Wondering if anyone else has had this issue, or experience: Starting on July 7th when adding a new product our collections would disappear from the search function on the product input page....
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This is incredibly disappointing, and yet another example of Shopify deciding to charge for something that was already a feature. This will cost us over $10,000 / year, just to have them do something they were already doing. Between this, and having ...
So I wanted to give and update of my experience. I got the canned lined at first from a guru about how they had basically been doing us all a favor this whole time and they cited a section of the TOS, this was my response (to which I NEVER got an ans...
So from my initial post I was given the canned line from Shopify support, I then cited the exact places in Shopify's TOS for payments where it directly contradicted their "interpretation" where it refers directly to net fees, indicating that fees are...
I received the same email. We use Shopify in our Brick and mortar (over 95% of our business), and i have been pushing some of our retail friends who would represent 100's of thousands of dollars in processing a year from their legacy POS systems to S...
It would be nice if there was a web portal where they could check the balance. I understand they can follow the link on the email, however usually the customer who purchased the gift card isn't the one uses it or gets the email to see the balance, es...
*Update* Finally 30 minutes after posting this, the issue has been resolved and we are cleared to continue accepting payments. If you are an existing business that is anywhere off the ground, use extreme caution and consideration if you are thinking ...
Strap yourselves in... this is a bot of a long thread, but at this point I don't know where to turn. First a bit of background:  We are a large (13,000 sq ft) gift shop in Michigan. We opened in 1990, currently have 30 employees, a warehouse, and hav...
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