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HI, I rarely send newsletters and don't want a pay monthly plan. Which companies offer pay as you go newsletters? I have about 2,5 - 3k subscribers worldwide which I need to be able to segragate by ...
Hi, I've had two versions of my craft shop for USA ($ pricing, US shoe sizing) and (GDP pricing) for everywhere else for a whi...
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I got around this very annoying ommission by adding feed rules in google merchant centre. Worth searching for how to do that.For example I set up a rule that if the product title included "baby" to se the age group to "infant". 
I should love to do that to a range of products that are sold in pairs (some are not in pairs). People often worry I'm going to sell a single sole if they select a quantity of "1" ! for a pair of soles. 
I've definitely read that the 2,000 limit is variants of one product and that it will be availbe to all but you'll need the right sort of theme. Also no news on when it will arrive. I typically sell kits for slippers that typically come in 10 sizes, ...
I have the same issue and it's sooo tiresome. I need one image across multiple products. 
Is it a universal issue? If so your app will surely be popular. I can't decide if it is worth worrying about and adding another app. 
I've had my shopify store for years. I'm always looking to improve.  I have recently noticed that Google says the vast majority of my pages are not indexed for this reason "alternative page with proper canonical tag" . I wonder why this is  - and if ...
Does this still work? Shopify no longer seems to show the google columns.I can download a .csv containing all products with a specific type of error from Google Merchant Centre but see no way to upload the corrected .csv.  Most of my products come in...
Hi, In which file did you paste this code? I want to add name to my email sign up in Dawn theme same as you. thanks
Sorry not a solution just to say the 8 digit codes are very much needed.  
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