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Hi - we have developed an app for a client that takes a trade order received as a PDF email attachment and creates Shopify order/draft order. The app is in two parts, the first part (a windows deskto...
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Hi Emmanunuel, thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. I did write to Shopify Partner Support and they asked me to write to the Shopify legal team which I did but they came back saying they can't give us any legal advise. Any suggestio...
We are a Shopify partner and we have developed a solution that allows a B2B or wholesale orders to be emailed directly into a Shopify or Shopify Plus store. We have had some video ads created and we want to run a Google ppc campaign and use search te...
We have developed an app that allows B2B orders to be emailed to an address such as orders@yourstorename.com and the order is automatically uploaded into your Shopify store.  We have a number of stores already using the app but need more to check the...
We've developed an app that allows wholesale orders that arrive as PDF email attachments to be emailed directly into a store. www.pdfdatanet.com/shopify We are trying to decide a default business rule to handle price differences. If the price on the ...
We are in the final stages of building a solution where order details are extracted from a PDF sales order and  uploaded into our client's Shopify account. We are using Make to control the workflow and PDFDataNet - pdfdatanet.com - to extract the dat...
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