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Hey, Shopify App Experts Need some help with an embedded Shopify App. We have an App where we store some merchant configuration details in a DB (Firestore) for example: merchantConfigs { &...
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 It's possible to build something like this if there's no solutions currently and there's good demand for this solution.I work in the shipping labels and logistics space. So, would the use case be to show shipping options on the checkout after custom...
We haven't come up with a solution yet for this. It looks like there's too many variables in play here and it's not clear what the solution is. It's also not clear if Shopify would come up with a fix natively which would supercede the usefulness of t...
@Anonymous Doesn't seem like Bold Custom Pricing has geolocation targeting. At least not on the feature's page.
Tobias,That sounds like something the App can help with. So you would like to discount all customers outside EU by 15.9% right? I suppose providing a discount code like NOVAT if customers are detected to be outside EU would work? And in the settings,...
What is your ideal solution? We are launching soon but would like to add some more features and get feedback.
Hey, I'm a Developer as well. I'm interested to develop an APP and have been working on something similar in the Discount space. If you need help, perhaps we can collab on this.
Cool, that does sound like a good idea especially with UK exiting. We can try that. Can we contact you if I have any more questions about the implementation to make sure we get it right? Would also like to test out going through checkout from your st...
Hey, that's an interesting use case. Isn't the shipping price already adjustable based on Country of customer though? Is your store public, would like to take a look to get a better idea.
Oh that's really neat. Thanks!
Yes, I am thinking in terms of mainly a discount feature. The geo-targeted price will never be higher than the original price of the product. I've seen this feature on digital products in the past such as courses. Eg. If a course sold for 100$, for c...
I'm a developer and for my first APP for Shopify, I decided to build a Shopify Embedded App that Merchants can choose products that gives discounts based on Customers geolocation. I've seen custom made eCommerce stores offer discounts based on the lo...
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