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I am also not sure what we need to do for this one oauth flow update. Can anyone please suggest if you know that is very helpful. Thanks in advance!
Please use as per below example.mutation { fulfillmentCreateV2(fulfillment: {lineItemsByFulfillmentOrder: {fulfillmentOrderId: "gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrder/5022655414410" , fulfillmentOrderLineItems: [{id: "gid://shopify/FulfillmentOrderLineItem/1...
I am also looking for same this in REST api but not found any which is already available in the GraphQL api as per below documentation.
Hello @iozyigit Yes, You are right we need to pass as per below.fulfillmentServiceId: "gid://shopify/FulfillmentService/53834285194?id=true"Here 53834285194 is my fulfillment Service Id which i have get using
Hello,When i try to create product using GraphQL product API then in the ProductVariantInput's one of the input field with name * fulfillmentServiceId * we need to pass for fulfillment service of the variant, So any one can please suggest what we nee...
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