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Hi I have an error while enabling the Shopify's multiple locations in our store. I am not sure why this problem is in my store. I have two locations for our store. I have updated the app to support...
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Hi i just figured out this issue, but do you happen to have any idea on my other post?
Hi anyone in the community to help ? would be appreciated.
Im doing a comparison between the orders api vs the data exported in shopify $count = $instance->getApi()->countOrders(['status' => 'any', 'created_at_min' => '2019-04-17']); total is = 5230 vs exported csv = 7287 can you explain how am i getting thi...
Hi i have an issue regarding orders api, it seems i cannot get the data from what i expected in the date range added in the parameters, actual data posted in our dashboard vs orders api data is lesser, below is my sample code that ive added and a par...
Recently we cannot get a response regarding orders create in your WebHook this happens frequently in our POS, I`m not sure why this only happens in our POS, but in our online store Webhook is working fine. is this a separate setup or do you have an a...
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