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I am trying to add to order note attributes. Whenever I try this, it over writes what is there in the attributes. Rather than over writing I would like to be able to the note attributes $pos...
I have the following code: <script> jQuery.ajax({ type: 'GET', url: '/admin/...
I cannot figure out the syntax to get the line item title of items in my cart. jQuery.getJSON('/cart.js', function(cart) { var z = cart.total_price; } )...
Is it possible to add an item to the cart at a different price than what the set price is on the backend? IE If I have product X setup for $100. If customer comes to the site and a criteria ...
Please see the photos. I am testing a bundle app. When I add the bundle through the app it adds the bundle a single item in the cart. The two items are attributes to the bundle item. However...
I have a situation where if a customer changes the quantity of one item or removes one item, it must update or remove another item. With Cart/Change I can see how you can update based on lin...
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Is there any way using javascript on a liquid page that I can access the discount codes for my store? Something like this:<script>/* Discount data */var discounts = {{ discounts | json }}</script> Or something using Jquery? Essentially I need to be a...
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