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If someone at Shopify were to register the `application/liquid` MIME type with IANA, then libraries like `mime` and `mime-types` would be able to recognize the `.liquid` extension. This would have an...
What is the difference between `customer_id` and `user_id` in the checkout object received from the Admin API? What happens when you update one vs the other?
I'm building an app and want to create environments for Staging and Development in addition to my Production setup. Currently I change the App URL in my app settings to point to my production, stagin...
I used to be able to complete checkouts just fine, but now when I complete them they stay stuck in a `202 Accepted` state and never finish processing. These checkouts do not recover even after weeks ...
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Clearing the shopify cookies worked for me. 
@Alex What about Usage Charges, does Shopify take 20% of those?
Just to clarify, you should be polling with a GET request. The original complete request is still processing and you just need to keep checking until the processing is done and the resource returns 200. 
The 202 response means that you need to try your request again after the amount of seconds listed in the `Retry-After` request header.  https://help.shopify.com/en/api/guides/sell-through-the-checkout-api#polling
Well I hope they make it actually work before then...
I don't use `Provider`, just the `AppProvider` component. I'm pretty sure `AppProvider` connects to App Bridge for you. It also gets the `shopOrigin` for you as well.   <AppProvider apiKey={apiKey} forceRedirect>   <App /> </AppProvider>  
I have my `/auth` route running on a different service than my frontend, so my App URL in my app settings is `https://abc123.ngrok.io/auth`. My auth backend will then redirect the user to 'https://abc123.ngrok.io/'. I got this to work just fine using...
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