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Hello, hoping someone can help! I've tried to dig around but can't seem to find the right piece of code for this. I have two questions - 1) I would like to only allow customer...
Hello, In the template I'm using, it currently includes a hamburger menu. I was wondering how I can add tabs or similar more visual menu on the home page, to improve the user experience? Loo...
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Thank you again Ninthony, I will have a go using these guidelines this evening. I’ll let you know how I get on 
Oh my gosh, Ninthony - this has worked even better than I hoped! I thought I'd have to manually add the alternative images in the code each time, but the way you've done it is I can do it via the Customize visual editor - which makes it so simple. Al...
Thank you very much for your response - I am understanding the basic concept of this but just figuring out where to place code.  Would that first bit (within the <style> </style> section)  be entered into the theme.liquid file? In the theme I am usin...
Hello, I am wondering what code I need to enter (and where!) to allow for different images on mobile web than desktop web view? I currently am using a custom theme - does this determine where I need to be looking to add the code? Thanks in advance!No...
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