I am wondering how I can activate it so that shipping is calculated after discounts are applied rather than before. It isn't working for us currently the way it is set up. We give a lot of discounts ...
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Thanks for this. I get the error "createdAT" is invalid. Replace this variable."  
I would be interested if you don't mind! Is this able to back date and add to current products or just new ones as we create them? 
You go to settings - shipping and delivery - and create rates for each area you want to ship to. You need to work out what you are going to charge per country/zone and whether its based on weight or order value or flat rate. This page is helpful: htt...
What do you mean? The pixel is set up and working fine on my main page. Do you mean I have to set up a separate pixel for the other page? How?
Hi all, I have a Shopify store with lots of different brands and a Facebook page that has been running for over 7 years. We are starting our own brand and have a Facebook page just for this brand which we want to keep separate. How do I link Shopify ...
I want them to be able to purchase it for $49 in the same order, as long as they are spending $150 or more. Thank you SO much for your help!!! 
I have a special product I want to offer to customers, but only offer for sale if they purchase first. Basically the same idea as a free gift when you spend $100 , but the gift isn’t free. It’s an option to buy this hugely discounted thing but only i...
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