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Stuck between the two. Who has a better direct integration with Shopify? (Things like pulling products directly into email templates etc..) Anyone used both and comment on things they liked/dislike...
In my Shopify Admin, Under Shopify Payments, it shows me the following rates for all cards Domestic & Rest of World - However, in the Shopify Payments Terms it states an addi...
I sell some products that are eligible for the VAT Margin Scheme (you can read about that here - With these, tax is not calculated on the selling price...
Hi, Can someone confirm, does Shopify Payments support 3D Secure? It says it does in the Changelog here -
Hi, We we are based in the UK and charge 20% VAT on our Taxable products to the UK & EU, and 0% outside Europe. We also have non Taxable products, that we do not ...
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When migrating to the new Checkout Extensibility you no longer have access to the checkout.liquid anymore.Issue is we have a script -<script> const cartUrl = document.querySelector('a[href="{{ shop.url }}/cart"]'); if (cartUrl) { cartUr...
What is better from an SEO standpoint when adding a new Market, Subdomain or Subfolder -  
Same issue here, inventory is always out of sync, only deleting and re-adding app temporarily fixes it. Did you find a solution?We are looking at alternative POS systems because of this!
No luck, stay away from Shopify Payments they use Stripe as the backend for their processing who are completely useless when it comes to things like this.I’m moving all my payment processing business to WorldPay.Shopify Pay/Stripe are the real frauds...
I'm disgusted with Shopify! We recently received a chargeback for £1,747.25 for an order that was 3D Secure, and signed for (with proof) by the customer. We shipped the item to the address the customer checked out with. We also provided proof of cust...
Anybody know of any method or app that allows you to sort collection pages by amount of inventory? We want to show products with the highest amount of stock first on the page. Thanks
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