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Hi Shopify team, I've made a call to Admin GraphQL API with mutation "refundCreate", and return OrderLineitems with refundableQuantity. It used to work as expected, return 0 after refund, but sudde...
Hi Shopify, I'm trying to create a draft order with draftOrderCreate operation in GraphiQL APP, and somehow I keep receiving "DraftOrderCreate access denied", but as showing in the photo, the perm...
Hi there, I'm building a react-native mobile app with js-buy-sdk, when i call fetchWithProducts function to get all products in a specific collection, it always returns only 20 products, no matter w...
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When a Singapore-based user clicks on G pay express checkout, the billing address for some reason doesn't carry the city value (ie Singapore), and when the user clicks "pay now", nothing happens and the user will just get stuck there. We suspect it's...
Hi there,I'm building a mobile APP with react-native using Shopify Storefront API, when I going to implement checkout function I face some problem.In our business model, if customers with specific tag then they don't need to pay money for buying spec...
I see, thanks for your reply, hope this feature would be implemented soon
Hi @swalkinshaw ,Thank you for your reply, I understand there is always security and privacy issues, but for me, showing a cancelled order in my previous order list doesn't make sense, or at least I could know which order has been cancelled, and that...
HI,Is there any way to get un-cancelled order via StoreFront API, like in REST admin API, I know I can use "status=open" to filter out only open orders, in GraphQL Admin API I could use the similar query "query: "status=open" " as well, but in StoreF...
https://help.shopify.com/en/api/guides/managing-fulfillments#create-a-fulfillmentI follow tutorial above step by step, and the post json format is:{ "fulfillment": { "location_id": 123456789, "tracking_number": "123" }, "l...
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