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So with the new POS upgrade we cannot get our Customer View App to show anything more than the item and price.. It wont show the payment or transaction details or anything about checkout.. Just...
On Mobile there are no header images for each article in the main Blog Page.. - It will not show the featured image.. ON desktop they show up just fine but not on mobile. Im good wi...
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I still have space on Mobile for some reason..any chance you can see what's wrong on you end?  
IM sorry I cannot allow access to new members.. If you look through my site index you will see it. Maybe you could lead me in the right direction?  It has to do with an APP BLOCK but I cant find it
I have this "}" in my footer and cant figure out where it came from or how to get rid of it. Ive looked in BASE.css and theme.liquid..   Could someone help take a look - My URL is devildaves.com - PHOTO BELOW  
IM using a email template and want to use it to send to one customer at a time when needed.. WHy cant I find that option in the "TO:" field??  ANybody know whats up with that? 
So I'm thinking of switching one of my stores over to the retail plan for my brick and mortar store. I see here when choosing the plan that there's a highlighted blue area that says zero in person card fees. But then when I pick the plan and go into ...
Thank you - it worked good..  Can you also help me with these two things as well.  1. Change aspect ratio of thumbnails to Portrait (3:4) from square shape. 2. Increase size of the thumbnails both mobile and desktop. they are too small.  Here is the ...
I would like to do several things to my product page product carousel images to give them a more UI/ux feel and modern..1. Space Images a little2. Add light border3. Add shadow4. Round corners by 5px5. Make aspect ratio portrait style or landscape If...
Thank you Amelia - That worked great for desktop. I put it in the CSS of the editor.. If I want to give it padding on mobile, should I create another line and wrap it in @mobile? Here is what I did.. 
Im using sections and blocks on this page template - I added the widget to a block of  liquid.. However I cannot get the margins to work.. Anybody have a clue what I can do to put this widget into a container or add margins to the sides so it doesnt ...
Thanks Dan. Worked for desktop block but for Mobile I had to use: .slideshow__text-mobile--left p {  color: #fff;}@media (min-width: 768px) {  slideshow-component {    display: none;  }}
Hey Dan - thanks for offering to help. It's the slideshow above the footer. Devildaves.com. I'm also hiding for Desktop and Mobile with custom CSS. So I might need codes for both. Section wise..
I have figured out how to change size, position but cannot figure out how to change the opacity of Subheading text to be solid color..  I prefer not to have any opacity at all on any of my subheadings. Right now I am running custom CSS in the section...
I found it. Using custom liquid section add HTML code and CSS. <div class="btn-group">  <button>Apple</button>  <button>Samsung</button>  <button>Sony</button></div> CSS:.btn-group button {  background-color: #04AA6D; /* Green background */  border: ...
Does anybody Have any information on how to do a row of text buttons on the homepage. Button group...It also has a slider if it has more buttons that will fit in container.. Same thing as this site here -   
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