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Bio: Bloody Rose Boutique—Austin’s premiere destination for dark streetwear and alternative apparel and accessories. We curate a small and unique collectio...

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Before the latest edition, when creating a new product you were able to edit the Cost Per Item for each variant SKU BEFORE saving/creating the product. Some products have a different cost depending on size or other reason like exclusivity. Now, there...
It would be amazing if Shopify had an actual user focus group made up of retailers who use the product for in-store and online sales. I worked in software development for over 25 years, and everything I have seen happen over the past 2 years is devel...
Of course not. Shopify sucks at hearing actual retail-user issues.
It's infuriating how much they change the admin making things worse for users.
I see... you need to check the box to display the button. This is better, but still not ideal. As a retailer, and UI/UX professional, I would like to know why Shopify keeps making things more difficult for the retailer/shop owner side of the product ...
See the screenshot and video I attached. What you describe is not available when adding a new product. To edit a SKU when adding a product you have to click on the variant name to display a variant details dialog where you edit the SKU then click clo...
You can't do that when entering a new product, only when you save. This adds so many extra steps that did not exist before and makes the product less user-friendly. You really need to consider the shop owners when making changes like this!
In the Winter 24 Edition SKU was removed from the Variant section of the Add Product page. This makes no sense and adds extra work for users. The SKU column needs to be restored to the Add Product page. When we enter a product and SKU and then add th...
$10/month or more for something Shopify should be doing natively? Yeah... not happening. 
How does a merchant contact support now? sends you to a useless help page. Clicking on sends you to a generic help page for customers. I need to talk to someone...
Since the latest Summer '23 release, the Shopify POS will only display up to 10 items in the cart. You can add as many items as the customer brings to the counter to purchase, but the cart will only display 10 items. This has resulted in overcharging...
Yeah... I understand it is a limitation. That's why I wrote this up. I have a difficult time paying for something that should be a feature provided by Shopify. The cost to get all these plug-ins to accomplish tasks that the app used to do, or can eas...
Seriously! The fact that you cannot use an automated collection is stupid. I tag all Tax-Free Weekend products as "TaxFree" and have them all in an automatic collection. BUT, you can't associate that kind of collection with a Tax rule. You have to ma...
We had this happen to us once. We followed the process to contest the chargeback and were successful in getting the money returned to us. I forget how we got to the contest chargeback process, but when we did, we provided all the transaction informat...
I have been going crazy trying to find gift card balances for my customers when they come into the store. It took me forever to find the instructions for this. The instructions say:Tap Customers, then in the search resultstap the customer's nametap V...
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